Trimming Increases Yields Week 3 Of Flower

How do you get the maximum yields from your medical cannabis garden ?
Trimming while in flowering will increase your yields, this is a how I trim my plants to achieve healthy bigger buds, week three trim is one of those important steps while gardening.
Today we have some observers stop by to have a better look and understand indoor growing, education is the key 🙂
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Trimming Increases Yields Week 3 Of Flower


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  2. removing those leafs is a gem, gives great access to more bud sites as the plant is not veg mode its flower mode….i don’t see any shock or stunted growth, in fact the plant seems to breath a sigh of relief from lack of weight of fan leaves….makes the flush go really well too….

  3. I have a few questions I would like to ask to person that is educating us! about the leaves curling down and turning yellow and brown in some spots. first time grower just trying to learn and fix the problem.

  4. From the comments its easy to see that ppl repeat what they have read. And the reason that its easy to spot this, is because not all indoor gardens are the same. Is in exhausted, or a sealed room. Is it scrog. What kind of lights, se, de, cmh, led, have diff penetration.. Are we implementing with c02… To the one guy who said despen weed is the best, lol, I tend to disagree. Most weed grown for commercial profit is high yielding strains.. Some of your more potent strains, and phenos will be lower yielding but have higher terp profiles… Some of your best weed is grown in grandpas 10×10 room in the basement from yesteryear’s seeds… Your blue dream/sour D,/ etc are really just crosses from early skunk/nl5/landrace strains from countries…

  5. why are all these indoor growers, witch think the have a valuable oppinion on this subject matter, leave there fucking NOISY VENTILATION FANS ON???? It’s making your video so much worse. Dude, all you guys, step up you game, please!

  6. Leaves are like solar panels, don’t remove leaves that are absorbing light because they are what photosynthesis the whole plant. I would just not remove leaves unless they are dead or have damage.

  7. Hey everyone lets calm down and enjoy the vidgas. BTW thanks for all thorough explaing John, it really helps when im super stoned lol. Your vids put me to sleep every night. Kudos

  8. Hey JB! I’m really interested in doing this method for my next crop, got about a week to 3rd week of bloom. I was just wondering how much I can actually strip off the plant? Thank you for the knowledge!

  9. K I was doing this and was worried. Thus I looked on here to see. Glad to see it doesnt screw them up.

  10. On your last video you said you were hoping for a male. I assume to continue the strain. If you want a mail put a couple in a separate grow room in the flowering stage, interrupt its light schedule like waking them up 3 or 4 times while their sleeping. Expose them to light for like 10 minutes for a few days. For sure you will turn them to male. Do this early in the flowering stage.

  11. I’m a noob grower and FCK….i just went through these comments and theres so many expert growers telling you your method is shit but they wont post videos of their grow… How dare they hide valuable information from me and keep me from being one of the best growers ever just like them!

  12. Hi john loves yer videos keep up the good work 😜 looking for a bit of advice on when to start the count on flowering 🌺 do ya start counting the day you put yer lights 12-12 or the first day you see the hairs on yer plants 🌱

  13. It’s kinda obvious that proper pruning will increase yield, the plant will start to put more effort into the fat buds you leave and there is more space for the buds to fatten up.

  14. I’d like to know which leaves are the ones to remove. We have the big 7-leaf “Fan leaves” and then there are the 3 leaf branches that are directly below some of the main branches.

    Would you be so kind as to clarify this for the newbies?


  15. people tend to treat them too well. I seen them in the wild in Himalayas for years. they harden up and support cold nights etc. don’t over feed or over water.

  16. if you tied down properly there’s no need to rip them off I even put lights on the floor 600w in cool shades

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