Grow Marijuana: Drying and Processing Legal Cannabis Part 8


Cannabis flowers spend 10-20 days drying at Good Meds in Denver, CO. Then the marijuana is moved for the trimming crew to take over.

See isle after isle of drying marijuana. Cannabis leaves that fall on the ground are made into concentrates.

Marijuana plants are tagged with medicinal or recreational tags. The chain of custody for marijuana plants must be followed. The tags must be kept with plants through processing.

Follow the rules that are set forth by the State of Colorado or they will close your grow operation down.

I can’t believe the volume of regulations that cannabis produces must complete to stay legal.

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Grow Marijuana: Drying and Processing Legal Cannabis Part 8


18 thoughts on “Grow Marijuana: Drying and Processing Legal Cannabis Part 8

  1. omg I’m drooling through this video. can u do one on you nutrients that u put into your pants? I’m a grower my self, not anywhere near to ur extent, an I’d like to know what nutrients to use to get my buds like that! nice, excellent job guys!

  2. Suggestion: turn off the blowers and fans before you make a recording, and of course, rememba to switch’m back on.

    Audio quality kind’a sux because of it.

  3. Excellent series of video’s, your doing a great job. Very respectful the way they take care of everything and test all. In Ontario Can. our Licensed producer’s are to greedy. I have got stuff I just threw away, due to mold or the wrong smell and look. I wish I had your knowledge Jorge. Damn, I’ve never been out of Ont.. lol

  4. hey George that they smoke any creepy with you after the video yeah definitely like a kid in a candy store over there while now that’s buds hey did I see you slip a couple buds under your sweater sleeve just kidding you LOL.
    your bud Bill

  5. Very unimpressive when you don’t consider audio as more important than the video. +Jorge, you ALWAYS use good audio, what’s with this camera crew???? they new????

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