Rose McGowan Wanted on Drug Possession Charges

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According to reports, an arrest warrant has been issued in Virginia for actress Rose McGowan for the felony possession of a controlled substance.

Per the Associated Press, the warrant was obtained by the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department on February 1. Police supposedly found traces of drugs in McGowan’s personal belongings following a flight to the Washington Dulles International Airport back on January 20.

According to Rob Yingling, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department, officials have attempted to get into contact with McGowan, but to no avail.

“Her personal belongings that were left behind from a flight arriving on January 20 tested positive for narcotics,” Yingling said. “Our police have attempted to contact Ms. McGowan so that she can appear in a Loudoun County Virginia court to respond to the charge.”

Yingling confirmed that, in the interim,  airport police “have been issued a bench warrant and entered it into a national law enforcement database.”

An Attempt To Silence McGowan?

Rose McGowan Wanted on Drug Possession Charges

It’s unclear when the actress first became aware of the arrest warrant, but it first became national news after a Monday afternoon tweet by McGowan.

The 44-year-old actress, who has made headlines recently for her accusations of sexual assault against Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein, believes the warrant is part of a large-scale scheme to silence the outspoken actress.

“Are they trying to silence me?” McGowan tweeted Monday afternoon about the warrant for her arrest. “What a load of HORSESHIT.”

McGowan is one of over 50 women to recently speak out about Weinstein’s disturbing history of sexual abuse. During the Women’s Convention in Detroit on Friday, McGowan went into detail about her life since she was allegedly assaulted by the studio executive.

“I have been silenced for 20 years. I have been slut-shamed. I have been harassed. I have been maligned and you know what? I’m just like you,” she said. “What happened to me behind the scenes happens to all of us in society and it cannot stand and it will not stand.”

While McGowan certainly believes her current legal status is the result of a scare tactic, she isn’t the only one. Several people came to the actress’ defense on social media, echoing a similar sentiment.

If McGowan “would have taken that million dollars in hush money I’m quite sure this wouldn’t even be a headline,” writer Ashlee Marie Preston declared in a tweet, which was later retweeted by the actress.

“It’s not a coincidence that Rose McGowan [had this happen] after speaking out against Hollywood predators,” tweeted journalist Laura Loomer.

Final Hit: Rose McGowan Wanted on Drug Possession Charges

Rose McGowan Wanted on Drug Possession Charges

Whether or not McGowan’s warrant is a product of her outspokenness is up for debate, but there’s no denying the timing is quite odd. Additionally, it’s the second time over the past month that a drug charge was brought to light following a prominent member of Hollywood speaking out about prior sexual abuse.

Last week, former child star Corey Feldman, who has also recently claimed to have been sexually abused by prominent members of Hollywood, was arrested for pot possession. He too, believed his legal troubles were more than just coincidental timing.

“I do find the timing of all this ironic!” Feldman tweeted.

Canadian actor and director Cory Bowles also made note of the eery similarities and took to Twitter to express his skepticism.

“Corey Feldman and Rose McGowan get arrested & a warrant respectively… Totally normal…,” tweeted Bowles.

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Haunted Halloween At The Marijuana Mansion

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If you ever get a chance to go to a Haunted Mansion party, go! More specifically, if you’re ever invited to Advanced Nutrients head honcho Big Mike’s Haunted Halloween party at the Marijuana Mansion, you definitely have to go.

I mean, the party had its own app.

The sun was setting as we headed up into the Hollywood Hills, comfortably packed into Escalades from the parking lot meeting point (where I had to give a secret password—it was Z-O-M-B-I-E). We pulled up at the Marijuana Mansion, and people poured out of the cars, joining throngs of thrilled partygoers at the Halloween extravaganza.

A Budtastic Bash

Sipping champagne, a guest declared to me, “This is the sickest party I have ever been to.”

Delicious food and drinks abounded. There was no shortage of prerolls. Harry Resin was offering “Dabs in the Dark,” and a stationary dab bar was staffed by Day of the Dead-costumed budtenders. All sorts of elegant acrobats, dancers and familiar horror characters mingled with guests. My favorite was a startlingly noisy chainsaw-wielding clown who ran through the crowd letting ‘er rip!

Marijuana Mavericks

While admiring an ice coffin filled with seafood, I ran into celebrity UFC fighter and personality Chuck Liddell. He was on hand to support the cause behind Big Mike’s Haunted Halloween party.

Big Mike is a benevolent cannabis king—it’s clear to anyone who speaks with him that he really cares about the industry. Woven into the center of Big Mike’s party agenda were the Marijuana Maverick awards, honoring his peers who have made great strides in cannabis.

When I spoke with Big Mike, he told me that honoring these people is important to him because they’re “the ones out there getting things done.”

Among the award recipients were former NFL star Eben Britton, who is at the vanguard of exploring cannabis business opportunities for Californians, and High Times alum Ed Rosenthal, who was taking questions about his long history of growing and striving for the best possible products. Others included Jeff Malinovitz of Nameless Genetics, Dave Crockett from Crockett Family Farms and OG weed rapper turned legit cannabis businessman B-Real.

Pot and Politics

Earlier in the day, before the party, Big Mike hosted a private fundraiser for Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom and a small group of political and cannabis leaders. At a time when we are on the cusp of fully legal recreational cannabis, this political influence marks what one attendee called a “coming-out party for the cannabis industry.”

Wayne R. Johnson, the chief financial officer for Advanced Nutrients, shared with me that all had gone smoothly at the fundraiser: “We deal with political candidates all the time, at both the state and federal levels.”

As much as this may be all in a day’s work for Advanced Nutrients, hosting a politician like Newsom is a huge symbol of how far cannabis has come. In many ways, we have Big Mike, Advanced Nutrients and the Haunted Halloween Marijuana Mansion to thank for that.

Check out our gallery from the Haunted Halloween party!

Harry Resin, Dr. Dina, Dougie Baldwin (Netflix, Disjointed) and guests

Haunted Halloween At The Marijuana Mansion

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Getting Horny While High Is Nothing To Worry About

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Mary and Jane sitting in a tree; K-I-S-S-We-Love-Weed. Yeah, we went there, but can you blame us? Marijuana and sex go together like peanut butter and jelly or Rick and Morty. That’s why High Times has been supplying you with our weekly Stoner Sex column for the past four years—courtesy of former adult film star and cannabis advocate Hyapatia Lee. Each week, Hyapatia answers your burning questions regarding stoner sexuality, and today’s column hits on everything from how to handle getting mad horny while high to dealing with accidental stimulation (specifically, while riding a horse).

Have your own questions for Hyapatia? Email her at 

Dear Hyapatia,

Every time I smoke weed, I get horny. I am not kidding. I get a hard-on and can’t stop thinking about sex. My girlfriend was really cool at first, but now she is accusing me of making it up. I don’t know why she would think I would make something like that up. It’s not like I HAVE to have sex when I am high, it’s just all I can think of for a while. Is there something wrong with me?

— Steve

Dear Steve,

I have heard of people getting horny when they get stoned, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with you. Does your girlfriend feel pressure to have sex with you?  From your letter, it sounds like you are fine if you don’t have sex every time you get high. Does she know that for sure? I can’t think of any other reason that she would accuse you of making it up. I mean, what would be your motive? Sex? If you can go without sex when you get horny while high, it shouldn’t have anything to do with her.

Dear Hyapatia,

I have a horse I love very much. Sometimes we go riding, and it makes me very excited. Something about sitting in the saddle and the rubbing on my clit just drives me crazy. My boyfriend says I like more horse more than him. He is very jealous of her. I should never have let him know how it turns me on to ride. I have even climaxed that way. I do love my horse a lot, but I don’t want my boyfriend to think I love her more than I love him. How can I convince him?

— Janice

Dear Janice,

First of all, I would not mention how much you like riding and how it turns you on to your boyfriend anymore. Then, since he already knows, after you ride, make sure to have sex with him so he knows it is him that finishes you off. I think he just wants to be sure he can satisfy you. I understand how you feel, I used to own two horses myself and felt the same way. It can be stimulating to ride.

Dear Hyapatia,

I have this dear friend I have known for years. Recently he has started to use the N-word. It makes me very uncomfortable. I don’t like it, but I don’t know how to ask him to stop. We get high and have lots of fun together hanging out and all, but if he doesn’t stop, I am going to have to quit all that. Neither one of us is black.

— Randy

Dear Randy,

I would suggest you share a fatty or two and have a heart to heart. Start out by telling him how much his friendship means to you. Then, you could move on to talking about music and what kind of styles you like and perhaps you could mention that one thing you don’t like is when rappers use the N-word. I bet he will pick up on that and realize you probably don’t appreciate it when he uses it either. If you feel he is not picking up on your clues, you could come out and ask him to stop using it. No one wants to be accused of racism but using that word could make people who don’t know better suggest that very thing.

Dear Hyapatia,

I know this is just a little thing, but it is starting to get bigger as time goes by. My girlfriend decides she has had enough to smoke and just sits the partially smoked joint down in the ashtray. I pick it up and continue to smoke. She holds out her hand, so I pass it to her and then instead of hitting it, she puts it in the ashtray again. Is she trying to tell me to quit? Or is she just absent minded?

— Dale

Dear Dale,

It is hard to tell without coming out and asking her. You might say something like, “Oh, I thought you were done or I would have passed it to you. Sorry.” When she puts it in the ashtray, you might say, “I’ll take that, thanks.” If she wants to get you to stop smoking, make it so that she has to come out and say so, even if it is in response to you questioning her. That way you will know for sure what is going on. If she wants you to stop, ask why? Does she want you to use your hands for something else, like sex? Or does she just think you smoke too much?

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France’s President Blasted Over Marijuana Joke

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France’s president blasted over marijuana joke at the hands of his political nemesis. Cannabis isn’t only a hot-button issue in the United States. It’s a controversial topic overseas, too. And some politicians are milking it for all it’s worth.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron

France's President Blasted Over Marijuana Joke

Emmanuel Macron is the president of France. French citizens elected him to succeed President Francois Hollande back in May. Politically, Macron’s views lean toward socially progressive and liberal.

In the past, he has self-identified as a socialist and was also a member of France’s Socialist Party for a time. Additionally, he founded the political party En Marche! in 2016. The purpose of this party is to bridge the divide between the left and right French political parties to better modernize the country.

In May, French citizens voted in Macron during a landslide election. His opponent was the far-right, ultra-nationalist Marine Le Pen. Le Pen is notorious for her racist, homophobic and xenophobic political stances. Furthermore, like certain politicians in our own country, Le Pen has a particular antipathy for immigrants and Muslims.

Guiana et Ganja

France's President Blasted Over Marijuana Joke

Recently, Emmanuel Macron made a trip to French Guiana. It was a short visit–only 48 hours.

Upon his arrival, the Guianese met President Macron with protests due to a perceived oversight of infrastructure, immigration and unemployment rates. In response, Macron chose honesty and said that he would not make the people of Guiana empty promises.

But that’s not what got Marine Le Pen worked up.

During the trip, Macron met with the residents of the capital city Cayenne. There, he reportedly smelled cannabis outside. Instead of flying off the handle, Macron played it cool.

“So, there are some of you who do not only smoke cigarettes, huh?” he said. The statement earned laughter. Macron then advised the youths in the crowd that cannabis “won’t help their schoolwork” and implored them to tell younger students this.

This reaction was not satisfactory for Le Pen. In fact, she expressed outright anger and indignation over it.

“Mr. Macron enjoys visiting drug-infested neighborhoods and joking about marijuana use,” she said on a French news station. “It makes him laugh, apparently.”

OK, Marine.

Macron did not make a wisecrack about heroin addiction or crystal meth production. All he did was acknowledge in a calm way that people were smoking grass in the vicinity. Macron wasn’t even making a joke about weed. Any rational person can see that.

Final Hit: France’s President Blasted Over Marijuana Joke

France's President Blasted Over Marijuana Joke

So why was France’s president blasted over a marijuana joke if the “marijuana joke” never even happened?

We can only guess that Marine Le Pen had ulterior motives in her statement. Is it possible that she made these remarks in an attempt to turn her compatriots against Emmanuel Macron? After all, this is the politician who defeated her for the presidency by 66.1 percent.

The French people made it clear in the election. They prefer Macron to Le Pen. Therefore, it stands to reason that the vast majority of France is disinclined to hold Le Pen’s opinions in high regard.

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Reefer Madness’ Greatest Hits: Drugs Are Very, Very Bad

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Hi, I’m “Radical” Russ Belville, and if you’re a child of the ’80s like me, you grew up with the most rad anti-drug propaganda ads of all-time! 

Remember D.A.R.E, McGruff the Crime Dog and Mr. T threatening to kick your ass if you tried drugs?

Totally awesome!

Remember no legal or marijuana states, 23 percent support for legalization in the polls and “This is your brain on drugs?”

Totally bogus!

Well, just because three-out-of-five people now live in a state where marijuana is legal medically or recreationally and even Republicans now support legalization, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring back the failed drug policies of my generation for the next generation, does it?

Not if the Trump administration has anything to say about it… and they do!

From RussCo Records, the people who brought you Reefer Madness’ Greatest Hits: The Attorney General Sessions, comes the second volume of 1980’s drug paranoia—repackaged, remixed and rebooted for the 21st century!

It’s Reefer Madness Greatest Hits: Drugs Are Very, Very Bad!

You’ll get two hot new tracks from MC JeffBo III—Attorney General Jeff Sessions—including his sampling of Nancy Reagan’s classic in the hit, “Re-establish Just Say No”:

As well as his interpretation of everyone’s favorite, the gateway drug theory, in the track, “Cops Say Addiction Starts with Marijuana”:

Then, we get to the newest man with the mic, the President of the United States himself, Donald Trump (AKA Don Tha Dissemblah, AKA DJ Donny Con, AKA Lil’ Handsy), with his three-part masterpiece inspired by Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No,”—“Massive Campaign of Really Tough, Really Big, Really Great Ads”:

“Part 1 – Massive Just Say No Advertising Campaign”

“Part 2 – It’s Really, Really Easy to Just Say No”

“Part 3 – Really Tough, Really Big, Really Great Ads”

DJ Donny Con isn’t content to just stick to the ’80s beats on Reefer Madness’ Greatest Hits: Drugs Are Very, Very Bad. Check out how he lays down a new groove for the medical marijuana era while completely ignoring medical marijuana in this soon-to-be-classic, “Pharma Partnership for Non-Addictive Painkillers”:

Don Tha Dissemblah can rock the turntables post-9/11-style, too. You’ll love this track, “Drug Users Fuel Violent Orgs,” that samples three different drug-users-fund-terrorists riffs from the early 2000s.

Lil’ Handsy can also lay down some old school 1970’s jams. Who can forget Former President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon’s all-time great, “Turned the Corner (on Drug Addiction)?” Lil’ Handsy remixes it with a solid groove in the two-parter, “Drug-Free Society”:

“Part 1 – Drug-Free Society”:

“Part 2 – Overcome Addiction”:

But wait! If you order now, we’ll throw in the Donald Trump Reefer Madness MegaMix, “A Message About Drugs from Donald Trump and Nancy Reagan,” absolutely free!

Order Reefer Madness’ Greatest Hits: Drugs Are Very, Very Bad today! This offer could be abruptly ended without notice due to Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller or the 25th Amendment.

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An In-Depth Look At Federal Cannabis Prisoners

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How many people are federal cannabis prisoners? The government just does not keep track of exactly of what offenses landed someone in federal prison. The relevant federal agency is the Bureau of Prisons (BOP), and they do not provide the public with data on the criminal history of prisoners, not data on offense details or sentencing decisions. This makes it “difficult to assess the criminal background of the offenders and the nature of their offenses.”

For these reasons Sam Taxy, Julie Samuels and William Adams of the Urban Institute conducted a study of Drug Offenders in Federal Prison to estimate offender characteristics.

Their 2015 study used data regarding the federal prison population in 2012, along with sentencing information from the United States Sentencing Commission.

Most (99.5 percent) of the 94,678 drug offenders (all drug offenders, not just those for marijuana) included in the 2012 dataset were in prison for drug trafficking offenses, while some were incarcerated for possession and other drug offenses.

The major findings of the study had little to do with marijuana.

For more than half (54 percent) of the drug offenders in federal prison, the primary drug involved in their crime was cocaine. Blacks accounted for 88 percent of crack cocaine offenders, while Hispanics accounted for 54 percent of powder cocaine offenders. Whites accounted for 48 percent of methamphetamine offenders.

Just over a third of all drug offenders in federal prison (35 percent) had no prior criminal history.

About one-fourth (24 percent) of drug offenders in federal prison used a weapon in their offense.

The average prison sentence was more than 11 years.

Crack cocaine offenders were most likely to have an extensive criminal history (40 percent), used a weapon (32 percent) and received the longest prison term (170 months).

Where does marijuana fit into this?

Of the offenders in federal prison in 2012, the primary drug type of offense was crack cocaine for 28.4 percent of them, powder cocaine for 25.8 percent, methamphetamine for 23.7 percent and marijuana for 12.4 percent. Heroin accounted for 6.2 percent of federal drug offenders in prison, and 3.5 percent were in prison for other drugs, such as pharmaceuticals or MDMA.

So, in sheer numbers, there were 11,533 federal cannabis prisoners in 2012.

Almost all (93.6 percent) of the federal marijuana offenders were male.

In terms of race, 59 percent were Hispanic, 24 percent were white and 13.9 percent were Black. In terms of age, 1.9 percent were 18 to 19 years old, 25.7 percent were in their twenties, 35.9 percent were in their thirties and 40.6 percent were 40 or older. Also, 34.7 percent of federal cannabis prisoners were not U.S. citizens.

While 34.5 percent of all drug offenders in federal prison had no criminal history, this was true for 44.3 percent of marijuana offenders in federal prison. Marijuana offenders also had to lowest likelihood of having a gun involved in their offense, only 15.2 percent compared to 21.9 percent of powder cocaine offenders, 32 percent of crack cocaine offenders, 17.3 percent of heroin offenders and 25.5 percent of methamphetamine offenders.

Federal cannabis offenders also had the shortest prison sentences—on average, about seven years (88 months), with the most common sentence being five years (60 months).

According to the report “a majority of marijuana offenders received a sentence of more than 1 year up to and including 5 years in prison.”

For crack cocaine offenders, the average sentence was more than 14 years (170 months).

However, 25.8 percent of marijuana offenders had sentences of five to 10 years, 16.2 percent had sentences of 10 to 20 years and 5.8 percent had sentences of 20 years or more.

These federal cannabis prisoners are often the forgotten casualties of the War on Drugs, in general, and marijuana prohibition in particular.

The political debate over marijuana reform, whether in terms of decriminalization or legalization, is often focused on the users of cannabis and the injustice of jail terms for individual users with small amounts of marijuana.

Yet, the aggregate demand for cannabis created by tens of millions of users attracts people to the market. In the illegal market, marijuana use creates marijuana sales. The entrepreneurs who grow, distribute and sell cannabis are a diverse lot, some with appealing characteristics and others simply in the business to make money.

Like any business, the marijuana trade has its share of heroes and villains, a characterization that varies with someone’s point of view. The public condemns drug dealers. Marijuana users condemn profiteers.

But people’s opinions of the marijuana trade are irrelevant.

What is relevant is that marijuana use under prohibition creates a tremendous variety of costs, and one of them is the incarceration of ten to twelve thousand people in federal prison whose crime was succumbing to the profitable temptations created by federal prohibition laws.

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Poll: How Potent Do You Like Your Pot?

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It’s no secret that weed is getting stronger. Decades of cultivation innovations and new breeding techniques have undoubtedly turned our grandparent’s weed from the ’70s into extremely potent pot.

However, not all marijuana will knock you off your feet, and that’s the way many prefer it—leading to a significant increase in the popularity of low-THC and high-CBD strains.

That’s not to say that the majority of today’s dispensary strains aren’t super strong. According to lab results from last year’s High Times Cannabis Cups, award-winning flowers are consistently hitting around 30 percent THC—and that’s nothing compared to the highly potent concentrates and edibles (1,000 mg THC brownie, anyone?!?) that you can find on the market.

Poll: Potent Pot Or Not?

But now that most top-shelf strains are clocking in with THC levels at 20 percent or higher, most growers have switched their focus from producing potent pot to encompassing a full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids within their bud. As the winners of last year’s Emerald Cup proved, the best marijuana doesn’t always have the most THC. And that got us wondering: How potent do you like your pot?




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Missouri Marijuana Advocates Say 2018 Is The Year They Make It Legal

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Despite a number of setbacks over the past few years, a group of Missouri marijuana advocates pushing to legalize a comprehensive medical program in the believes 2018 will be their year.

It has not been easy for the organization known as New Approach Missouri to get the issue of marijuana reform in front of the state’s voters. For starters, the group, which formerly campaigned under the moniker Show-Me Cannabis, spent much of its early days pushing to eliminate marijuana prohibition in its entirety.

Previous Push For Medical Marijuana

But soon after a public opinion poll emerged in 2015 showing that the state’s voters were more likely to cast a favorable ballot if presented with the issue of medicinal use, the group promptly changed its name and began calling for cannabis to be made a legal medicine.

Although the group ran a fairly successful fundraising campaign during its last push, collecting donations of around $1.3 million, New Approach failed to get its medical marijuana initiative on the ballot in 2016. That’s because Missouri officials fought tooth and nail to prevent the campaign from having a fair shot at seeing the light of day.

In fact, had it not been for a Missouri judge disqualifying thousands of signatures, the group would have undoubtedly succeeded in getting the proposal on the ballot last year.

Why 2018 Is The Year For Missouri Marijuana Advocates

It is for this reason that New Approach Missouri has taken steps to ensure it has plenty of time to collect the signatures necessary to qualify for the ballot in next year’s election. Already, the group has secured around 100,000 of the required 170,000 signatures. The organization has another seven months to submit the remaining petitions.

“Our goal is to make Missouri the 30th state that allows state-licensed physicians to recommend medical marijuana to patients with debilitating illnesses,” New Approach spokesman Jack Cardetti told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Earlier this month, Adolphus Busch IV, the heir to the Anheuser-Busch beer fortune, got behind the New Approach campaign, firing off letters to high rollers all across the state in an attempt to rally some financial support for the group’s latest medical marijuana proposal. The letter, which calls attention to evidence showing fewer drug overdose deaths in states with marijuana laws on the books, suggested that a statewide medical marijuana program might be exactly what Missouri needs to curb its problem.

Reports show that opioid-related deaths in Missouri have increased by 20 percent since 2016.

Last week, President Donald Trump official declared the opioid crisis a “national emergency,” but never once did he mention the possibility of looking into medical marijuana as part of the solution. The marijuana community found this interesting, considering that a recent study in the American Journal of Public Health showed a six percent drop in opioid-related deaths since Colorado launched its recreational market in 2014.

Potential Choice For Missouri Marijuana Advocates At The Ballot

There is a distinct possibility that Missouri voters could be forced to choose between two medical marijuana initiatives in the 2018 election.

Missouri attorney and physician Dr. Brad Bradshaw is also collecting signatures to get the question of medical marijuana on the ballot in the Show-Me State. Bradshaw’s initiative, which is entirely self-funded, already has 142,000 signatures.

All of the folks involved in the push to legalize medical marijuana next year in Missouri are looking toward the latest polls as evidence that the majority of the state’s population is prepared to jump on this issue.

Over the summer, a Quinnipiac University poll indicated that 94 percent of the voters would support “allowing adults to legally use marijuana for medical purposes if their doctor prescribes it.”

The latest Gallup poll, which was released last week, shows that 64 percent of the American people now believe that marijuana should be taxed and regulated in a manner similar to beer.

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Man Faces 15 Years After Stealing House Plant He Thought Was Pot

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We’ve all heard the old adage, “crime doesn’t pay.” Well, in the case of this Pennsylvania man, who faces up to 15 years in prison after stealing a house plant he thought was pot, no phrase has ever rung truer.

A Costly Mistake

The bizarre string of petty robberies committed this past March, courtesy of one Maico J. Rosado Jr., makes the 21-year-old man an arguably pathetic figure.

This past Wednesday, Rosado was sentenced 7.5 to 15 years in prison, after pleading guilty in August to robbery and three counts of burglary. Prior to his plea, Rosado was facing 15 criminal charges due to the series of robberies. It’s what was taken, however, that makes this case so outlandish.

Let’s go back to the beginning.

According to court records, on March 21, Rosado broke into the Jabber Jaws Bar & Grille in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The owner, who happens to live downstairs in a basement apartment, rushed upstairs when he heard a window break. The two met face-to-face, guns drawn, and mutually agreed not to fire if Rosado left the establishment.

“I’ll leave if you leave,” the owner negotiated with Rosado.

Rosado agreed and fled the crime scene. His loot? A keepsake $1 bill.

Now here’s where the story becomes even more ludicrous.

Rosado, unsatisfied with his whopping dollar-haul, decided to have another go. About two and a half hours later, Rosado broke into a local home by firing a shot through the window (one would think there HAD to be a less conspicuous way, but that’s a different discussion).

When Rosado entered the home, the only thing he took was a house plant, thinking it was a marijuana plant. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

Rosado then continued his incredibly low-profiting crime spree an hour later by pulling a gun on a woman who confronted him for breaking into her car. He snatched her purse and exclaimed, “don’t call the police,” before fleeing.

Soon after the third incident, Rosado was identified by patrolling police. He dropped his handgun and fled, before eventually getting arrested a short time later.

The icing on the cake? The gun was, you guessed it—also stolen.

Final Hit: Man Faces 15 Years After Stealing House Plant He Thought Was Pot

If there was ever such an award for being the worst criminal ever, Maico J. Rosado Jr. would certainly be a finalist.

It’s not every day one commits armed robbery for a dollar bill, a house plant and a woman’s purse, but we guess Rosado isn’t your every day criminal. Of all the items, only the plant would have been worth a significant chunk of change—had it actually been a weed plant. If Rosado was smart (which he clearly isn’t), he would’ve just checked out our grow section, and saved himself a lot of trouble.

Maybe in 15 years, Maico. It will probably be legal in Pennsylvania to do so by then, too.

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State’s First Medical Marijuana Drive-Thru Opens In Sun City, Arizona

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The Grand Canyon State’s first medical marijuana drive-thru opens in Sun City, Arizona today (Oct. 27) at 5 p.m. And owners are hoping the new location will offer medical cannabis patients in Arizona something special.

All Greens Dispensary now resides near the intersection of Bell Road and 99th Avenue in Sun City. The dispensary is celebrating its grand (re-)opening with a few new features.

Formerly, All Greens set up shop in Surprise, AZ. The move to the new Sun City location, and the addition of the state’s first medical cannabis drive-thru was motivated by an interest in better-serving the folks who rely on medical cannabis every day.

And since All Greens’ new establishment happens to be a former bank building with a fully operational drive-thru, the new spot is a perfect fit.

State’s First Medical Marijuana Drive-Thru Opens In Sun City, Arizona To Serve Elderly & Disabled

The medical cannabis demographic in Arizona is primarily outpatients who are elderly, have disabilities, or who face difficulties getting inside the dispensary. Sun City, AZ already has an older demographic. The new location caters to them.

The drive-thru is primarily for easing access for those patients. For those with wheelchairs and walkers, the drive-thru is a much more convenient option.

But the All Greens drive-thru can also serve medical cannabis clients who know what they want and don’t need to shop around inside the dispensary. In this case, the drive-thru is all about convenience.

It’s also about safety and security, not just for the staff, but for patients as well. “With all the cameras and all the lights it’s really wide-open, patients feel really safe here,” said Anthony Harrington, CEO of All Greens Dispensary.

Indeed, state-approval of the dispensary’s drive-thru service was contingent on the business’s ability to ensure safe and secure transactions.

And that’s why first-time patients won’t be able to use the drive-thru from the outset. Instead, newcomers will have to enter the dispensary to officially register as a patient.

However, after initial registration, patients can use the drive-thru as much as they need. “We are going to kind of incorporate a Dutch Bros. philosophy,” explained Harrington.

All Greens Drive-Thru To Offer State’s Best Selection of Cannabis Products

Beyond safety and security, Harrington is focusing on product selection and customer service.

Trained budtenders will facilitate every sale with the drive-thru. They’ll engage with the patients, take their orders, confirm the orders, and verify the identity and documents of the patients receiving their medical cannabis.

And medical cannabis patients are no doubt eager to see what’s on offer as the state’s first medical marijuana drive-thru opens in Sun City, Arizona.

All Greens Dispensary offers the full spread. Products include concentrates, vapes, topicals, tinctures, and of course, dried flower.

But All Greens is also claiming bragging rights to having the largest selection of edibles in the state.

They even have an assortment of pet products available. And on top of all that, All Greens is rolling out a free, Valley-wide delivery service for registered patients.

The grand opening event, which will kick off October 27 at 5 p.m., will feature food, drinks, live music, prizes, and special discounted pricing. Harrington expects more than 1,000 people will be in attendance.

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