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Here at Tipsy Bartender we celebrate 420, but rather than celebrating in the traditional way, we’re going all out and doing something unique and epic–we’re making a…REEFER SEX ON THE BEACH! First we’re infusing vodka with beautiful little hemp seeds to create a wonderful, sweet-smelling mix to add to our cocktail. Sex on the Beach cocktails are awesome, and with our own cannabis-inspired addition this one is even better! Happy 420 y’all!

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1/2 Cup Hemp Seeds
1 Cup Vodka

1 1/2oz (45ml) Hemp Infused Vodka
1/2oz (15ml) Peach Schnapps
3/4oz (22ml) Orange Juice
3/4oz (22ml) Cranberry Juice

1/2 taza de Semillas de Cáñamo
1 taza Vodka

1 1/2 oz (45 ml) Vodka Infusion de Semillas de Cáñamo
1/2 oz (15 ml) Licor de Durazno
3/4 oz (22 ml) Jugo de Naranja
3/4 oz (22 ml) Jugo de Arándano









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How To Make Cannabis Infused Vodka – Tipsy Bartender


Como Hacer Brownies DE LA RISA En 3 Minutos

Este tutorial es muy sencillo:
Solo necesitais:
– Brownies Dr Oekter (suele costar 7€ y lo encuentras en cualquier supermercado)
– 3 huevos grandes
– 100 gramos de margarina
– 50 ml de agua
– Cannabis a gusto (weed, o como lo querais llamar)
– muchas ganas de pasar una buena tarde.

Si quitamos lo que tarda en hornearse, esto se hace en 3 minutos como mucho, a disfrutar :D!!!

Musica de fondo:
– Fak Scratch & All B – Alight in your eyes
Como Hacer Brownies DE LA RISA En 3 Minutos


Radical Rant: Prohibition—Not Legalization—Leads to Interstate Trafficking

This week, a Denver grand jury announced indictments of 62 people involved in what is alleged to be significant out-of-state marijuana trafficking, conducted under the guise of legal medical or recreational cannabis cultivation under Colorado’s constitution.

It’s red meat for prohibitionists like Kevin Sabet and Jeff Sessions. They are eager to portray marijuana legalization as a train running off the rails, propelled by an avaricious and sociopathic marijuana industry.

A key talking point in that rhetoric is the complaint that “black market” marijuana dealing hasn’t been eliminated in the states that legalize. Furthermore, the relaxed attitude toward marijuana in the legal states leads to a flood of marijuana crossing the border into states that still maintain prohibition.

That we are forced politically to legalize marijuana in a slow, incremental fashion, just a few states at a time, leaves us vulnerable to rhetoric like theirs, where the results of legalization are purposefully being conflated with the effects of prohibition.

Are there people in legal states growing weed and selling it for great profit out of state? Hell, yes, there are… but there always have been!

Legalization didn’t invent interstate marijuana trafficking. Generations of family farmers across America have grown cannabis where it is more plentiful, then profited from selling it where it is scarcer.

The difference now is that the growers in some states can cultivate and possess legally, goes the prohibitionist reasoning, so legalization is emboldening the interstate marijuana trafficking.

That reasoning falls apart with just a little common sense. How does legalization in a person’s state embolden the person who is intending to break some other state’s prohibition law?

Think about it.

Say you were a grower in Colorado selling out-of-state to Kansas in the 2000s. There were two crimes you were committing:

1. Cultivating marijuana in Colorado; and

2. Trafficking that marijuana in Kansas.

If the cops investigated crime #1 back in the day and busted you, they might have you on some personal marijuana charges in-state. That’s a tough investigation, though, if they don’t have any tips, clues or evidence you were selling.

Investigating crime #2, however, is where the serious charges lie, since the crime has gone interstate and involved sales. There would be littler fish busted in Kansas who’d flip on the bigger fish in Colorado. The feds would get involved because it’s not just some small-time, in-state weed grower.

So, in 2012 when the people of Colorado secured their constitutional right to cultivate cannabis, that eliminated crime #1 for the small-time grower, who really isn’t the type to be shipping pounds to Kansas, anyway.

It’s still just as illegal to traffic weed in Kansas, though, isn’t it?

The risk for that grower of being busted for crime #2 didn’t change at all. It may have even increased, as Kansas cops are now more attuned to seeking out the Colorado weed.

In fact, isn’t the announcement of these indictments proof that legalization isn’t providing cover for the interstate dealer? The fact that you can’t bust people growing weed in-state doesn’t mean you’ve promoted people trafficking weed out-of-state.

That’s prohibition’s fault, not legalization’s.

Prohibition has always inflated the value of a dried cannabis flower.

If Kansas chooses to maintain a marijuana law that falsely inflates its price, then Kansas gets to deal with the consequences of that choice. One of them will be creating a huge profit incentive for unlicensed, unregulated purveyors of marijuana to fulfill the demand in Kansas.

Prohibitionists like to offer a false dichotomy that legalization will either eliminate or exacerbate the unregulated market. Even if we do legalize marijuana in all 50 states, however, there will always be a subset of providers who will skirt regulations and avoid taxes—the so-called “black market.”

Nothing will ever eliminate an unregulated market—there are “black markets” in purses, DVDs and shoes—and it is prohibition, not legalization, that exacerbates unregulated markets.

Cigarettes are legal, but policy and punitive taxation differences subsidize a thriving unregulated cigarette market from providers in North Carolina to consumers in Manhattan.

Fireworks are legal to varying degree, but Oregonians visit Idaho, Nevada and Washington to bring back purchases of the type that are prohibited back home.

Alcohol is prohibited on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, while just across the border in Nebraska there is a town of 10 people with four alcohol stores that sell tens of thousands of cans of beer daily. 

The only real solution for ending the so-called “black market” in marijuana is complete legalization in all 50 states with a minimum of taxation and regulation. Aside from Pine Ridge, there’s not much of an unregulated beer market in America, because every adult who wants it can get it cheaply and easily just about anytime anywhere.

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4 Hot Pot Products: July 2017

Here’s a look at what’s new on the market for cannabis cultivators and connoisseurs.

1. Plant Smart
Prices vary

Growing in fabric containers provides more oxygen for roots and better drainage to discourage root-rot. The best on the market these days are the original Smart Pots—BPA-free grow bags that come in many sizes. They’re durable, reusable and stay cooler than plastic containers, which can spell the difference between life and death in the full summer sun. Roots are air-pruned instead of circling the pot—and plants just love them!

2. Toke to the Future
$99.99, or $124.99 with ceramic nail

First introduced in the 1970s, these classic bongs still deliver the goods. The Original Toker II is made from lab-grade Class A borosilicate glass and features a flat bottom as well as added improvements. The bongs have always been easy to clean, and a new adapter allows you to use a slide or quartz banger for dabbing hash oil. Get 10 percent off and free shipping using the coupon code toker2fan.

3. Tent City
Prices vary

Looking to grow without spending much dough? Try Mars Hydro Grow Tents! They’re reflective, lightproof, waterproof, and can be assembled by one person. Each tent features a tray liner, heavy-duty zipper, and steel-tube frame and light hanger, along with built-in vents for exhaust and intake to make ventilation easy (unlike with closet grows). And with prices starting at $77.99, they’re an easy and affordable way to get growing.

4. Vital Vines
$1.95, small; $4.95, large; $14.95, king-size; $32.95, supreme-size

If you wish to truly savor the flavor of the essential oils and terpenes in your connoisseur-grade cannabis, you can’t taint the essence with butane from lighters or the sulfur on matches. From Hawaii, I-tal Hemp Wicks provide a clean, pure flame using ultra-refined beeswax and raw hemp twine with no chemical treatments. Get a free sample from their website and taste the difference.

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Cannabis De Nino Ferrer

Un clip de Nino Ferrer réalisé 2003 par J. Lefdup pour le DVD bonus de la compilation “l’intégrale”, à partir d’imges tournées par Nino lui-même.
Cannabis De Nino Ferrer


Cannabis – Ska- P

protagonista di un video imbarazzante a casa di xxx….ah ah k ridere!
Cannabis – Ska- P


Cannabis Zuhause Anbauen ! Ganz Einfach

Cannabis Zuhause Anbauen ! Ganz Einfach


High Times Cannabis Cup 2015 (Los Angeles) | BREAL.TV

B-Real aka Dr. Greenthumb takes a stroll around the 2015 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, California for a few on the spot interviews.


High Times Cannabis Cup 2015 (Los Angeles) | BREAL.TV


Cultivo Exterior De Marihuana Parte 1. Dr.Sativa Cannabis Medicinal

Hola Amiga Cultivador y AMigo Cultivador
En este video hablamos de Cannabis y su cultivo Indoor.
Todo lo que necesites saber escribinos al Facebook deDr.Sativa y te ayudamos Gratis!
Tenés que estar contento!
Dr. Sativa
Cultivo Exterior De Marihuana Parte 1. Dr.Sativa Cannabis Medicinal


Conspiration Cannabis

conspiration cannabis
Conspiration Cannabis