Slavoj Zizek On Marijuana (2013)

Slavoj Zizek On Marijuana (2013)


Synthetic Marijuana user

This is Stringbean. He is addicted to synthetic marijuana, which is often referred to as Spice or K9. In this video he talks about how addictive synthetics are and how he has struggled with synthetics in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, a city that is 20-minutes outside of Nashville.
Synthetic Marijuana user


Linval Thompson – Marijuana tree

Linval Thompson – Marijuana tree


How to flush Marijuana plants before harvest

simple demo of how to flush your plants by Greenhouse Gangstas
How to flush Marijuana plants before harvest


3 Ways to Combat a Bad Weed Trip

Marijuana Paranoia Video Diary #49

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Our mission is to provide a currently disaffected and ignored population with information, counsel, support, and community if they choose to seek it.

We offer an alternative to the outmoded conventional wisdom that says “If marijuana makes you paranoid, then don’t use it.” Our practice has proven that paranoia may be significantly limited through informed and careful confrontation.

Founded in the Spring of 2012, this enterprise is an outreach and service provider to the under-voiced minority of individuals for whom marijuana triggers acute episodes of paranoia and anxiety.

Our clients are looking to partake in moderate, responsible, and legal cannabis use, but have difficulties with paranoia and/or anxiety.

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3 Ways to Combat a Bad Weed Trip


Marijuana Man smokes 9 strains with big Edna

Marijuana man sublimates some budder hash then does about 11 bong hits…. you can follow Marijuana Man on facebook at
Marijuana Man smokes 9 strains with big Edna


Gary Johnson on Legalizing Marijuana

Gary talks about his stance on marijuana legalization and explains why he wouldn’t legalize any other drugs.

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Gary Johnson on Legalizing Marijuana

Gary Johnson on Legalizing Marijuana


PKA 273 Prank Call, Kyle’s Dad Pranks, Marijuana Controversy
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0:00 Unexpected start to the live episode
0:17 Ad Read: A record 6 sponsors
0:33 Kyle’s Parents
5:27 Kyle has been getting free internet for 2 years
7:59 Woody’s Father had surgery
9:49 Woody’s Father doesn’t have a cell phone
11:19 Kyle ate chicken with Cheez-it’s
11:40 Cheese talk: A PKA first
13:25 Kyle’s bad hotdog story
14:55 Five guys hotdogs
15:35 Woody is calling Wings
16:00 Kyle is going to Wings house taking his flamethrower
18:10 If you licked wings what would he taste like?
19:55 If you could eat any celebrity who would you eat?
22:45 Kyle watched Fuller House
24:00 Chiz says why he watched the full season of Fuller House
25:56 John McAfee was going to be guest
34:30 UFC 196: McGregor v Diaz, Miesha Tate v Holly Holm
37:07 Team Fight Championship
39:47 Diarrhea in MMA
42:42 University of Missouri in Financial trouble
45:02 Donald Trump: Muslims hate America
46:50 Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders
48:00 David Duke indorsed Trump
49:18 The Trump Steaks Debate
57:28 Marco Rubio, Kasich
1:01:32 Skype call lost as Chiz’s internet dies
1:04:47 Call back and running all resumes as normal
1:05:00 Weed talk: Colorado, Good, Bad and everything Inbetween
1:13:52 Ad Read: (
1:18:56 Is it a dangerous trend that weed is becoming normal?
1:26:10 Kyle’s new Casper mattress
1:27:29 Ad Read:(
1:29:50 Magic mushrooms altering people’s personality
1:33:40 Trying DMT, LSD, Shrooms and a sensory deprivation tank
1:35:50 Kyle recorded a prank call that will be played soon
1:37:55 Ad Read: (
1:39:35 PKA Knife update
1:42:25 Kyle’s recorded prank call begins (Golden)
1:47:11 Belly Button Fucking shirt ideas
1:48:16 Kyle is planning to do more Prank calls
1:50:09 TV: Game of Thrones (No S6 Spoilers)
1:52:54 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (No Spoilers)
1:54:54 Better Call Saul (No Spoilers)
1:57:12 The X-Files (Mild Spoilers)
1:58:16 House of Cards (Obviously Spoilers)
2:05:16 Spoiler talk ends
2:05:33 Ad Read: (
2:07:04 Hiding from people at your front door
2:10:52 Lying Christians, Autism camp scam
2:12:35 Is there a Genocide in Syria?
2:13:33 Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Jim Jefferies
2:18:00 People saying things about Americans
2:20:04 Colours of Pee
2:20:32 What Kyle and Woody drink
2:25:33 10 Cloverfield Lane
2:27:18 Captain America: Civil War (Funny Murka moments)
2:31:42 Ad Read: (The Bronze)
2:33:46 Joe Lauzon video: Punching his beefy friend Lorenzo
2:34:43 Harry Houdini: How he died, his brothers name
2:37:34 Woody’s Woodcutting, how Colin is doing
2:38:35 New Ghostbusters Trailer
2:43:20 Ninja Turtles
2:44:54 Street Sharks
2:45:54 Kyle’s childhood He-Man sword
2:46:50 Kyle’s friends that stole his shit
2:49:11 Ad Read: (
2:51:15 MannyMan34 Learns the hard way not to criticise PKA
2:52:10 If you had 0 to burn what would you buy
2:54:40 Guns and Ammunition Talk
3:05:22 Kyle’s puking trip
3:07:07 Colin’s vomit on Woody’s Truck
3:10:21 Hope learning to drive, less teenagers want to drive
3:12:16 Taylor left his community service until the last minute
3:14:20 Chiz is afraid of heights
3:18:58 Politics: Kyle and Chiz bet, GOP Candidates
3:23:19 How has Chiz been booking guests?
3:24:20 Tim Kennedy: Possible guest, death threats, MMA Career
3:27:13 Maria Sharapova caught taking banned substance
3:28:30 Pro Athlete drugs, Woody’s strong stance against PED’s
3:29:44 Kyle watched a Miesha Tate fight
3:32:13 Ronda Rousey, McGregor v Diaz
3:37:24 Anderson Silver
3:39:49 B.J. Penn, Georges St-Pierre
3:41:52 Woody and Kyle’s enjoyment of UFC
3:45:05 Gladiator Fighting, Death Race, The Running Man
3:47:10 Kyle Sends Woody a picture of Kate Hudson’s cameltoe
3:47:40 The /r/BikiniBridge Subreddit, The /r/CamelToe Subreddit
3:49:10 What does Kyle do with the bulk of his day
3:50:43 Woody’s typical recent day
3:51:54 Kyle visiting Wings house
3:53:41 Kyle and Woody blowing up a pound of Tannerite
3:55:16 How Wings is doing
3:56:32 What Taylor did today
3:57:35 The people who hate Trump
3:59:28 Woody hasn’t decided who to vote for
4:02:20 Ending on Taylor’s brilliant joke and reaction
PKA 273 Prank Call, Kyle’s Dad Pranks, Marijuana Controversy


Weed Songs: Mystic Roots – Pass the Marijuana

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Weed Songs: Mystic Roots – Pass the Marijuana


Durrty Goodz – Marijuana

Durrty Goodz
Durrty Goodz – Marijuana